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Immune Function

Immune Function, Health And Quality Of Life Improve Under Chiropractic Care

A study in the July 5, 2006 issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research finds that new chiropractic patients experienced improvements in the function of their immune system, quality of life and other aspects of health after being under chiropractic care.

In this pilot study, the researchers measured immune status and quality of life factors to see if that was a good way to measure the effectiveness of chiropractic care.The 11 subjects were followed over a nine-month period while under chiropractic care. Except for some biomechanical problems, all of the patients represented an otherwise healthy population with a normal health history, normal blood counts and immune function.At the beginning of their care, they completed a quality of life questionnaire that was repeated at 3 months and again at 9 months. A complete blood workup was also done at the same times.

All of the patients experienced significant reductions in all of the chiropractic factors that indicate spinal problems. They also experienced a major positive change in the Life Enjoyment section of the quality of life questionnaire measured at the 9 month point.

Their blood values stayed within the normal range for healthy adults during the study, leading the researchers to conclude that regarding chiropractic care, there are “possible links to immune status and improved aspects of health and quality of life.”

They went on to conclude “long-term chiropractic care provides benefits to recipients. In addition to positive improvements in chiropractic indicators of biomechanical and neurological status, a large clinical effect regarding improvement in self-reported perceptions of Life Enjoyment were associated with care.”Commentary: So, long-term chiropractic patients experience improvement in biomechanical and neurological function and they enjoy their life more. Why would you NOT want your family and friends under chiropractic wellness care?Spread the word!

Spinal problems affect immune system

Research highlighted in the 1989; 12(4) issue of the Journal of Physiological and Manipulative Therapuetics shows that the immune system may well be under direct control of the nervous system.

This coincides with the discovery of various neurological receptor sites on the surface of white blood cells, part of the body's immune system.The white blood cells, known as T-lymphocytes, have been found to have receptor sites for chemicals produced by the nerve system called neurohormones and neuromodulators.

These chemicals stimulate or inhibit the activity of the white blood cells.

The research also found that the white blood cells also produce the neurohormone and neuromodulator chemicals which suggest that the white blood cells can also communicate with the nervous system.

The authors of the study summarize that spinal misalignments, subluxations, can negatively affect the body's immune response by interfering with the communication link between the nervous system and the immune system. Chiropractic adjustments correct spinal subluxations and help restore this communication link.

By way of commentary, this research simply proves what Chiropractors have known for years, that the nervous system is in direct control of the body's immune system and that interfering with it in any way can adversely affect how it functions. Any malfunction of the body, especially a malfunction of the immune system, will cause the body tobecome unhealthy. Chiropractic Wellness Care keeps your body, and your immune system, functioning the best they possibly can for a lifetime.

Chiropractic can help hold off progression of HIV

The journal Science reports that people who are infected with HIV and are successful in staying well for years in spite of the virus have a large number of CD4 immune system cells in their blood. The researchers found that the CD4 cells (also known as “helper Tcells”) kept the virus at bay; those with high levels of CD4 cells had low amounts of HIV and those with low levels of CD4 cells had high amounts of HIV.

The research was done at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The senior author of the study, Dr. Bruce Walker says, “Our work provides an explanation of why a very small group of people have been able to avoid getting sick from this virus even though they are infected.”As far back as 1994, the Chiropractic Research Journal reported on a study that found specific upper neck Chiropractic spinal adjustments increased the CD4 immune cell counts in HIV patients.

In that study, the tests were performed by the patient's independent medical centers where they were under care. “A 48% increase in CD4 [immune system] cells was demonstrated over the six month duration of the study for the group [under Chiropractic care].”

CD4 cells direct the body's immune response to invading viruses and are a good measurement of how effective the immune system is functioning. Each of the many different types of immune system cells are designed to attack a specific virus. When a virus is detected in the bloodstream, the specific immune system cell for that virus replicates by the billions, flooding the body with defenders against the danger.

Every day it becomes more obvious that a properly functioning immune system, under full control of a properly functioning nervous system, is essential to maintaining health.

Immune System Involved In Cancer Prevention

The April 26, 2001 issue of the journal Nature reports that scientists at Washington University and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York have come to the conclusion that the immune system is involved in preventing cancer.

25 years ago, scientists thought that the immune system was able to prevent cancer by identifying and destroying cells that had begun the process of transforming into cancer cells. This process came to be known as “immunosurveillance”.

Scientists abandoned this concept when an experiment in the late 1970s showed that the immune system played no part in cancer prevention. In that experiment, cancer cells were transplanted into mice with normal immune systems and mice with destroyed immune systems. The mice with destroyed immune systems didn’t develop cancer any more than those with normal immune systems.

The only problem was that the 1970s experiment was flawed. It turned out that the mice with supposedly destroyed immune systems still had a certain type of immune system cells called lymphocytes that form an active part of the immune system.

The recent New York research repeated the 1970s experiment and used mice with destroyed immune systems that truly lacked lymphocytes. It was amply demonstrated that the nervous system does indeed help in the prevention of cancer. The mice without lymphocytes developed tumors earlier and more frequently than the mice with normal immune systems.

By way of commentary, with the immune system under direct control of the nervous system, lifetime Chiropractic Wellness Care is vitally important to a healthy and fully functioning immune system. Everyone who wants a properly functioning immune system needs to have their spines checked on a regular basis.

Immune system strength key to West Nile protection

The Washington Times reported on August 9, 2002, that people in good health, with strong immune systems, face a very low risk of getting the West Nile virus. The article also reports that the majority of West Nile cases this year have involved people with weakened immune systems.

Dr. Shmuel Shoham, infectious disease specialist at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. says, “The vast majority of the people that would get infected with it don’t even know they have it because they have absolutely no symptoms or very mild symptoms.”

“Statistically,” he said, “for every person with mild symptoms five others have no symptoms. For every one person with severe symptoms, 250 people would either have mild or no symptoms at all.”

Commentary: Over and over again, studies have shown that people under Chiropractic care have stronger immune systems than those who are not. The best defense against any disease is a properly functioning, strong immune system kept that way through Chiropractic care.

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